Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hello everyone,

Sorry I havn't been around for a while (really missed looking at all of your lovely blogs!)

I have been busy preparing the new venture!

On Sunday 5th April... This Sunday (gasp of panic)!

We open our shop Autumn Rose Crafts.
We are in Ironbridge at the Maws Craft Centre..

Pop in for a glass of wine or a cup of tea if your close.

Sarah xx


  1. I'll be there, what time are you opening?

    Take care

    Jan xx

  2. Good luck with your new shop, hope you do very well. Now the hard work really starts!!

  3. How exciting! Hope it all goes really well

  4. I know you'll have a blast! Congrats on the new store, please keep us up to date!

    Wish I could visit you... ;)

    Rach, x

  5. fantastic sarah, all the best with the new shop :)
    still dreaming of my own :) xxx

  6. Thinking of you hun, and hoping everything is going smoothly... x

  7. aww thanks Rach x Im just so tired! I never get a minute... missing my blogging :( :)

  8. Just wanted to say I only found your site today and it’s really cool. You’ve been very busy and have so many good ideas. Your creations are really cute. I write a London based crafty e-zine and blog named Extremely Crafty Ideas at http://extremelycrafty.blogspot.com/ Would love to hear what you think.

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