Saturday, 7 February 2009

Great morning!

The lovely Alison (polly-anna patchwork from forum) organised a charity craft fair in aid of the NCT in Stafford, considering she only had a couple of weeks to sort everything out and is glowing with 'soon to be mommy for the 2nd time' joys, she did really well.

On arrival we had a lovely hot cup of tea made for us, I wish I could say that about every craft fair I attend!

I had some lovely feed back which was pleasing, you put so many hours into your creations its nice when someone appreciates it, most pleasing was the responses I received about my new Victorian line, pics to follow when collection is complete.

I met a couple of lovely ladies also from the forum Carol and Jackie who both create beautiful Jewellery, I really enjoyed the 2 hour bash it was relaxing and friendly, and to top the morning off I arrived back at 1pm to a clean & tidy home, yipee! Bless him, I wanted him to have his picture taken with the hoover so I could upload and show you but he refused... point blank! chicken!


  1. Aww thanks Sarah, your stuff was great too, I really wanted to EAT those soaps!

  2. I wouldnt recommend it...A certain song comes to mind... Im forever .. you know the one lol