Friday, 13 February 2009

He is such a blessing!

My hubby has just given me my valentine boquet... I thank God for him, he's lovely!!

Only thing is when I mentioned that valentine wasnt until tomorrow he reminded me he was at the match and probably wouldnt get time to go and get any! lol

He had to go and spoil it didnt he?

He also got me a little gift "Anti - ageing Moisturiser!" lol

Who says Romance is dead!?

(I did request the moisturiser though, crafting all hours of the night & day really has made me look old!) lol

I have had to chop a lot of the flowers out of the picture... as you could see my crafty mess on the side..sorry! lol

Sarah xx


  1. Aww they're beautiful, what a lovely hubby you have x

  2. Lucky girl, and isn't it better to let them know what you want then everyone's happy! Enjoy the flowers and the rejuveniated hands!

  3. At least he thought of you ahead of the match ;) Beautiful flowers! x

  4. How sweet. Love how you commented about your cropping the photo. Funny. :)

  5. My art mess is everywhere too! I know I'm thankful that my husband puts up with 6 media spread around the house! hee. The flowers are lovely.